August 26, 2006

Blogging is Hard, So Consider "Quick-Links"

Those of you who maintain your own blogs know that it is not an easy task. Think about all those times when you find yourself thinking that you should post something but either don't have the time or the inspiration for what you feel is a solid post. Sure, you could just post a link to a story at another site in one of the common one sentence "Hey, read this" type of posts. This may work as long as you don't overuse it, but I want to suggest an alternative I've come to value much more.

This is an idea I picked up from Beware of the Dogma. Let's call it the "quick-link" approach. As a regular reader of BOTD, I really like this method because it conveys relevant information with minimal effort. Here is an example of one of BOTD's quick-link posts. It is almost like a mini Carnival of the Godless, isn't it? Like COG, I think it works because it provides the reader with links to relevant posts on other blogs with a brief description of what they will find and why it is probably relevant to them. It also works because it fosters collaboration across our various blogs.

The next time I want to post but run out of time or nothing comes to mind, I am going to make use of BOTD's quick-link method. You might also give it a try. I suspect your readers will find it valuable.

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