July 15, 2006

UK Churches Push for School Worship

According to the BBC News, schools in England are under increasing pressure from Christian church leaders to push religion during school. It is becoming increasingly clear that a core element of Christianity involves pushing one's beliefs on others. Of course, things in England are a bit different in that they do not have a secular Constitution.

In this case, what it at stake is the right of the church to indoctrinate youth in during school. This is a legal right. "By law, schools must hold daily acts of worship - broadly Christian-based." The British Humanist Association is opposing efforts to enforce this law, but their opposition doesn't seem to target the law itself.

I suppose this might be a good time for those of us in America to reflect on the value of our Constitution. Sure, there are efforts under way to dismantle much of it, but having it makes these efforts more difficult than they would otherwise be.

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