July 16, 2006

Introducing Kent Hovind: One Nutty Creationist

After receiving a tip from an Atheist Revolution reader, Bob3732, I decided to post some of the information he sent me about Kent Hovind. I thank him for this tip.

Who is Kent Hovind, and why should you care? Mr. Hovind is an evangelist from Pensacola, FL, who is an outspoken creationist and owner of Dinosaur Adventure Land, "where dinosaurs and the Bible meet." He and his wife were recently arrested on multiple federal charges (e.g., failure to pay $473,818 in employee-related taxes, threatening investigators, etc.). Mr. Hovind claims that he does not understand the charges against him. You see, he believes he is working for god and therefore owes nothing to the U.S. government.

Now it appears that Mr. Hovind is hoping to move his operation to Mississippi. As if we in Mississippi didn't already have enough to do in order to overcome our reputation as a bastion for racism, Christian extremism, and several other forms of redneck idiocy! To get an idea of what Hovind's group stands for, read this. Who knows, he just might be coming to your area next: Hovind's itinerary.

Bob3732 had a good idea for those of us in Mississippi. He suggested we write letters to the editors of our state newspapers informing the public what Hovind is really about. I realize that there are a great many people around here who would probably welcome Hovind with open arms if all they knew about was his creationism. However, I can't imagine there will be much support for his tax evasion and other crimes. I think many Mississippians will realize that the publicity this sort of thing could generate is not going to be a good way to attract businesses to the state.

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