July 21, 2006

Abortion and the Democratic Party Platform

I'll probably take a little heat for this one, but here goes: I think it may be a mistake for the Democratic Party to remain inflexibly pro-choice on abortion. Don't get me wrong - I support a woman's right to choose, and I'd like abortion to remain legal. But like most Americans, I'd also like abortion occur with less frequency than it currently occurs.

Although the Republican Party has an official anti-choice position on abortion, they tolerate dissent within their ranks on this issue. In other words, the party recognizes and even supports some prominent pro-choice Republicans. In contrast, the Democratic Party seems to be using abortion as a litmus test to determine who they will recognize and support. Thus, we don't see prominent anti-choice Democrats. This is unfortunate because it leaves many Americans in the position of voting against their economic self-interest in order to oppose abortion.

I am not suggesting that the Democratic Party remove abortion from its platform or officially change its position; I am simply suggesting that they be more flexible in allowing anti-choice Democrats a home in the party. This would give voters who preferred the rest of the Democratic platform some options and would seriously erode support for the Republicans.

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