June 12, 2006

The Right to Discriminate?

Some Christians believe that they have (or should have) the right to discriminate against others on the basis of religion, even while loudly whining about their own imagined persecution at the hands of nonbelievers. Hey, nobody ever accused them of being rational!

Last month, this story appeared in which a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit brought by a Christian fraternity challenging the nondiscrimination policy at the University of North Carolina. Yes, you read that right - they oppose a nondiscrimination policy.

It seems that the policy did not permit them to exclude members on the basis of religion or sexual orientation. They did not like this, and so they filed the suit. As unusual a case as this seems, I haven't gotten to the interesting part yet. You see, the reason the judge dismissed the suit was that it was no longer relevant after the university revised the policy so that student groups could now exclude members on the basis of their beliefs!