May 12, 2006

Save the Internet: Contact Congress Now

Until recently, you've probably never heard of "Net Neutrality." This policy, under which the internet was developed, allows each of us to compete on a level playing field. My lowly blog is as easy to access as CNN or any other major news site.

Under the influence of a multi-million dollar lobbying campaign by the telecom industry, Congress is moving to abolish Net Neutrality. How would such a move affect you? Search engine priority based on fees. In other words, when someone enters "atheism" into Google, they'll first see all the Fox News information and not get to our atheist blogs until several pages later. Inexpensive internet access could become a thing of the past. Worst of all, political/underground news sites with which the telecom giants disagree could suddenly get much harder to access. For more information, visit

Please join me in taking action on this important issue.

Save the Net Now

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