May 16, 2006

Forcing One's Beliefs on Others Should Bring Criticism

The State News -

In this compelling editorial, John Bice argues that the tendency of certain Christians to impose their will on others warrants criticism. While supporting the right of individuals to maintain their religious beliefs, Bice notes that "...religious beliefs almost invariably spawn fundamentalist sects, which are usually the principal source of the conflict and violence frequently associated with religion. Most moderate and liberal believers are, regrettably, unwilling to denounce the extreme dogmatism of the radicals, perhaps partly due to the taboo of criticizing religious beliefs."

Drawing on examples such as Christian pharmacists refusing the fill certain prescriptions, Christian opposition to science, sex education, AIDS research, and contraceptive use, Bice suggests that Christianity has become an appropriate target for criticism. I thoroughly agree.

My favorite quote from Bice's article is: "Christianity is so prevalent in America, and its core myths so widely accepted, Christians are often blind to how absurd their beliefs appear to nonbelievers."

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