May 11, 2006

Church Leaders Face Fraud Charges

According to this article in the Las Vegas Sun, a federal grand jury has indicted several members of a Nevada Baptist church with bank fraud and other crimes. Among those charged were a pastor, his wife and an associate minister. In addition to being another in an endless series of examples of why Christians have no unique claim to morality, this article caught my eye because church members are charged with diverting federal grant funds into their own pockets.

With the federal government pouring money into faith-based organizations (and even considering them the equal of reality-based organizations such as secular universities), this was bound to happen. In this case, the church received $423,000 to setup and run halfway houses for former convicts. Church leaders are now charged with spending around $330,000 without even opening a halfway house!

If this article is any indication, the press may well overlook the religious piece completely and instead focus on race (this was a black church). This may reflect the reluctance of the media to raise important questions about religion. In any case, you can file this story in the vast collection of examples of Christian wrongdoing.

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