April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

I'm back and ready to resume blogging. I plan to post soon about some interesting observations I made while on vacation, but that will be for a later post.

While Christmas gets all the attention, Easter should really be considered the core Christian holiday. With Christmas, they celebrate the birth of someone who may or may not have been a real historical figure. Even if the existence of Jesus isn't without controversy, I can at least accept that his birth was possible. On the other hand, Easter is about celebrating a scientific impossibility - resurrection. Without the belief that Jesus died and was resurrected through supernatural means, there would likely be no Christianity.

Now I ask you to consider but one simple question. Which is more likely - that a man named Jesus died and was resurrected by a supernatural entity, or that this legend was borrowed from the existing mythology of the time and slightly modified to fit the needs of a new religious movement?

I guess this is what you might call a rhetorical question, but I can't resist pointing out that the resurrection of Jesus is no more plausible than Jesus flying around the world on Easter morning laying colored eggs for children to find. The main difference seems to be that the former belief has resulted in tremendous pain and suffering in the name of religious differences while the later belief is simply entertaining.

Happy Easter.