April 28, 2006

Atheist Billboards

I received several thought-provoking comments to a previous post about the prevalence of religious billboards. Many readers indicated that they would be willing to contribute to a fund to support atheist billboards. Several great possibilities for what such billboards might say were exchanged.

I wonder if any of the atheist/freethought organizations would have any interest in organizing such an effort. If American Atheists, Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, and/or other such organizations were to sponsor such a project with a small portion of the dues they collect and set up a PayPal donation system to raise the rest of the funds, it is clear that many of us would donate to support the effort.

A well-located billboard could stimulate critical thinking about religion and would almost certainly be newsworthy, providing an occasion for the atheist/freethought community to reach people through the media. Increased attention to the cause would mean additional support for future projects, and such efforts could easily be expanded through local organizations.

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