March 10, 2006

The "Truth" of the Bible

The State News -

This is a great article by John Bice in Michigan State's independent paper, The State News. It is always nice to see that the reality-based community can still be found in academia. The main point of the article is that one cannot know the history of how the Christian bible was written and still claim that it is the inerrant word of anyone. I'm sure its publication created a bit of a stir on campus, and I applaud the author for making such an important case so well.

My favorite quote has to be: "Christians...who are blind to any dissimilarity between reality and their faith, will likely remain unconcerned with problems of Biblical reliability. Rational people, however, will recognize that the Bible is a demonstrably imperfect, purposely altered and error-ridden collection of texts created by humans, not a mythical supreme being."

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