March 18, 2006

Hypocritical Chef Quits South Park

Isaac Hayes, who does the voice of Chef on South Park, has quit the show because they made fun of his particular flavor of superstitious nonsense - scientology. As Beware of the Dogma (BOTD) notes, this is extraordinarily hypocritical of Hayes because South Park was always been about making fun of religion (and virtually every other sort of dogma). Now he suddenly has a problem because they are making fun of scientology?

Hayes has the right to work or not work on whatever show he wants. However, I am getting rather tired of this thin-skinned attitude where criticizing religion is fine until someone criticizes MY religion. Belief in imaginary gods, supernatural forces, aliens living in volcanoes, etc. is absurd and deserves the same sort of ridicule we routinely apply to other false beliefs. In fact, religious beliefs are more deserving of criticism than other false beliefs because they are more dangerous, inviting intolerance, cognitive rigidity, and conflict.

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