March 21, 2006

Ex-Minister Walks Atheist Path

Northoftampa: Ex-minister walks atheist path

This is an excellent story that instantly puts me in a good mood each time I read it. Seeing someone so immersed in religion find their way out and accept reality gives me hope in humanity. I trust that you will enjoy it as well.

I suspect you've already heard of Dan Barker (see Losing Faith in Faith: From Preacher to Atheist), but it is important to realize that he is not the only former pastor to reject superstition and embrace reality. As described here, former Baptist pastor James Young is now spreading the word of atheism at the University of South Florida.

Naturally, I applaud both Barker and Young. They can serve as models for Christians still under the influence of religious delusion. However, as pleased as I am with these guys, I am equally happy that they are receiving at least some press coverage. That we occasionally see the media do stories on atheists that are neutral or even somewhat positive is certainly cause for optimism. Each story like this has the potential to reassure those just starting to reject religion and may even stimulate critical thinking among a small minority of Christians.

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