March 31, 2006

Action Alert: Contact Georgia Governor

I just received the following alert from DefCon:

It's outrageous. The religious right just nabbed two shocking victories in Georgia: they're on their way to putting Bibles in classrooms and the Ten Commandments in public buildings.

That's right, the Georgia legislature passed a bill earlier this week that will create state-funded Bible classes in Georgia public schools. And just a few days later, they passed legislation that will put the Ten Commandments in county buildings. Both bills are now headed to Governor Sonny Perdue for final approval.

Georgia needs to know that we're watching and will do whatever it takes to stop these blatant assaults on the separation of church and state. Don't waste a minute -- click here to tell Gov. Perdue to veto these bills.

For years we've known that the religious right will stop at nothing to push their theology in the public square. These aggressive efforts in Georgia show that the religious right is only getting bolder.

The Bibles in schools bill is particularly shocking. The bill includes a requirement that the Bible act as the core textbook for these new courses, which is clearly unconstitutional. You might remember that a federal judge last year ordered Georgia's Cobb County school district to remove stickers from science books that questioned evolution. The court ruling was an important victory for science. However, the passage of these bills once again puts Georgia in the crosshairs of the religious right's assault on our Constitution.

Take action now and demand that Gov. Perdue defend the Constitution and Georgia's citizens from this attack on our freedoms.