February 28, 2006

One Side of the Story

CullmanTimes.com, Cullman, Alabama--Author examines evidence for Jesus ChristĂ‚’s resurrection

This article in the Cullman Times discusses the same Lee Strobel who Earl Doherty so eloquently demolished in "The Jesus Puzzle: Did Christianity Begin with a Mythical Christ? Challenging the Existence of an Historical Jesus." I can't help but notice that the article makes no mention of Doherty's book. Instead, "It leaves little doubt that Jesus died an agonizing and complete death on the cross."

The author of this article praises Strobel's book, stating, "It provided me another opportunity to learn about portions of ancient history, which is the real strength of StrobelĂ‚’s book." Sounds good, but if he is interested in learning about real history (as opposed to that which is deliberately distorted to create "evidence" of Jesus), he might want to add Doherty's book to your list.

What troubles me the most is how little the author of this article seems to know about the origins of the Christian myth. One would think that it would make sense to study something so important. Oh wait...that's the point of faith isn't it? What better way to demonstrate one's faith than to maintain belief and ignorance at the same time!