February 22, 2006

A Growing Atheist Movement

Kudos to God is for Suckers! for bringing this story from the San Francisco Chronicle to my attention. This is an important one that you don't want to miss.

The article describes some publicly open atheists in San Francisco and their quest to reframe civil rights as including the freedom to reject absurd superstitions. Atheists remain a persecuted class in America, and many of us feel great pressure to conceal our beliefs out of self-preservation. In this way, I believe that there are many parallels between atheists and the GLBT community. Hiding one's identity is not desirable, but it is often necessary due to Christian intolerance.

Important points made in this article:
1. Openly atheistic politicians have no chance of being elected.

2. The newly hired political lobbyist who faces the task of representing atheists is in a difficult situation because many of her atheist constituents are not willing to publicly proclaim their atheism, making our numbers look far smaller than they are.

3. The political tactics of the GLBT community can be adapted for the atheist community.

Now is the time to get involved.

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