February 20, 2006

Celebrating 1 Year of the Revolution

Atheist Revolution began exactly 1 year ago today. You can see my first post here. It is hard to believe that I've already been at this for a year. It is also surprising that I have remained true to the plan for this blog that I outlined in that first post.

There have been several times in the past year when I have considered abandoning this blog. Work is often hectic, and blogging takes considerable effort (as my fellow atheist bloggers know quite well). So, I've often wondered if this was really a decent use of my time. There have been other times in the past year when I have seriously considered taking this blog in a new direction (e.g., increasingly political) or even spinning-off a new blog. Such considerations peaked during Hurricane Katrina, as I started to wonder whether there were more important issues to address. My regular readers made all the difference here because they gave me the leeway I needed to temporarily broaden the scope of this blog.

Through it all, I keep this blog alive because I recognize the importance of the topics addressed here and on other atheist blogs. My readers keep me thinking, keep me questioning, keep me returning to this blog. In lamenting the lack of an atheist community, we have become one. Through our respective blogs, we stimulate each other and countless readers. The meme of atheism is alive and well, and we have helped to provide it with a home on the internet.

I can't say what the next year will bring, but I remain committed to speaking out against the destructive impact of religion. I will continue to use this blog to encourage others to break free from irrational belief and oppose religious extremism. Thank you for being a part of the Atheist Revolution!

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