February 14, 2006

Bible as Literature?

Grave concerns, The Rev. BARRY W. LYNN, Washington, D.C. - Letter - Concord Monitor Online - Concord, NH 03301

Sounds like The Monitor wanted readers to believe that Americans United for the Separation of Church and State thought it was okay to teach the Christian bible as literature in public schools. I'm happy to see they printed a correction to such an absurd statement.

According to Barry Lynn, "While Americans United does not oppose teaching about religion objectively in the public schools, we have never endorsed The Bible as Literature. In fact, we have grave concerns about the book and its promoters."

Christian extremists certainly do seem determined to either dismantle public education or inject their particular brand of religion into the school system. Isn't it interesting how threatened they feel by secular education? I can't help but wonder whether modeling the notion that knowledge is bad unless it includes supernatural entities is healthy for our children.