February 26, 2006

Another Church?

Here in the deep South, often considered the heart of the American bible belt, we have more churches per capita than anywhere else in America. How fitting that our levels of illiteracy, child mortality, poverty, and all sorts of social ills are also among the highest in the nation. The solution is clear - we need more churches.

The front page of my local paper recently ran a story on a $25 million expansion to an area church. I found myself thinking of several more productive uses for $25 million. In a town still feeling the effects of Hurricane Katrina (e.g., some are still homeless following the storm), it is hard to imagine that there aren't better uses for these funds. In a state whose public education system is in shambles, seems like the money could be better spent. In a town where the police department still occupies a building which has been condemned by the health department for mold, it would seem that...I think you get the point.

Instead of selecting any of a near infinite number of beneficial uses of $25 million, we will modify a monument to superstition and ignorance, making it larger so that more believers can be accommodated. Such are the consequences of faith.