February 24, 2006

Action Strategies for Opposing Christian Extremists

religious right watch: Taking action: the first suggestions

This post from Religious Right Watch provides some initial actions we can take to oppose the religious right. For those whose frustration has led to inaction, this post offers some useful ideas on how to get started.

To those of you who commented on my last post by saying that you don't think atheists' rights are being violated, I have to assume that you meant that we have it better than other oppressed groups. On this point, I must agree. We can conceal our identities as atheists (unlike persons of color). We can even pretend to be Christian and pass as such if we so desire. However, I suspect that the fear and mistrust the average American feels toward atheists exceeds even that directed towards the GLBT community. We have openly gay politicians (although not as many as we probably should), but how many openly atheist politicians are there?

My point in all of this, and my reason for drawing your attention to this post from Religious Right Watch, is that our freedom from religion is something we must protect. Increasing our political activity, forming local organizations, and serving as role models so that people can put a face on atheism are all important strategies toward this goal. As a few of you suggested, the bottom line is that we must not be so shy about expressing our stance on religion.