December 11, 2005

Which Bible Should I Buy?

I would like to buy a copy of the Christian bible so that I may more closely examine their god. In Sense And Goodness Without God: A Defense of Metaphysical Naturalism, Richard Carrier makes an impressive case that the god described in this book is evil and not worthy of worship even if it existed. It has been many years since I last read it, and I'd like to evaluate a few of his claims for myself. I know there are on-line versions, but I want one I can read away from my computer.

I went to to order one and discover that there are several different versions. I then spent about an hour with Google reading about the differences between the many different versions. I must say that I am now more confused than ever. This is supposed to be the innerant word of god, right? So which one do I get? Any recommendations?

BTW, I have ruled out the classic King James version because I know from previous experience that I lack the patience for the language.

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