December 10, 2005

Relative of Mississippi Governor Wins Big FEMA Contract

Although the local (Mississippi) papers have long been protesting the decision of the federal government to award post-Katrina contracts to out-of-state businesses, it appears that we now have a new problem. According to the New York Times, one of the larger in-state contracts was awarded to a relative of our Republican governor.

"Mrs. Barbour, as well as spokesmen for FEMA and for Governor Barbour, all said in interviews Tuesday that Mrs. Barbour's family and political links to the Republican Party and the governor, as well as President Bush, did not play a role in her selection for the work."

What would we expect them to say. Republicans, especially in the current administration, aren't actually known for taking responsibility for their actions. In fairness, I suppose this may not actually be an example of favoritism. Instead, it could just be a coincidence. However, appearances do matter, and this doesn't look good.

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