December 14, 2005

O'Reilly is Homophobic: No Surprise Here

Media Matters - O'Reilly on Factor jacket he offered to Stern: "I'm not having this on some lesbian somewhere"

I take two things away from this odd story. First, it seems that Bill O'Reilly is guilty of promoting the very type of entertainment he claims to despise. Why would O'Reilly even consider having Howard Stern appear on his show when Stern's brand of humor is what O'Reilly thinks is wrong with America? The obvious answer is that he's doing it for the ratings, and this makes him as despicable (by his own standards) as those he regularly attacks.

Second, O'Reilly is a homophobe. I know this isn't at all surprising. Looking at their vocal opposition to granting equal rights and equal protection under the law to the GLBT community, it appears that most conservative Christians share his intolerance. I find it interesting how he can protest his imaginary "war on Christmas" while spewing hate and bigotry. After awhile, it starts to make one wonder whether the two are somehow related - promotion of Christmas and intolerance of human differences.