December 20, 2005

No Coke for Cashmas

Coca-Cola Faces Mounting Pressure over Abusive Practices at Plants Worldwide

I am addicted to diet Coke. I just can't seem to get enough. However, I'm done with it until this issue is resolved. Seems that we can't trust companies to exercise any moral sense. Combined with the GOP's refusal to enforce any sort of regulations governing big business, we get situations like this.

During this Cashmas season, I'll change the channel when those stupid Coke commercials come on. I'll order non-Coke products while eating out and buy alternatives at the grocery store. I'll also look for opportunities to spread the word about Coke's abusive practices. Maybe consumers can make a difference by refusing to buy their product, and if not, then at least we can know that we are not sponsoring it.

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