December 15, 2005

Limbaugh Blames Democrats for "War on Christmas"

Media Matters - Limbaugh ties Kerry and Democratic Party to "war" on Christmas

Ah, the absurdity of Christian extremists this time of year! They certainly show their true colors, don't they? Even the appearance of tolerance, kindness, or concern for the welfare of others is noticeably absent.

No surprise that Rush Limbaugh has joined fellow extremist windbag Bill O'Reilly in obsessing about a "war on Christmas." Visions of imagined persecution is often an effective tool for rallying the conservative base. The surprise concerns Limbaugh's unusual tactics. Rather than focusing on the ACLU or attempts by enlightened Americans to enforce our country's wall of separation between church and state (a wall which is increasingly starting to resemble the levees in New Orleans), he's trying a strange new tactic.

According to Limbaugh, anyone who criticizes the Republican leadership or their decisions this time of year is waging a war on Christmas. That's right, political and social critique must not happen in December. So when Herman Munster - I mean John Kerry - recently criticized the war in Iraq, he was leading a war on Christmas. Of course, Limbaugh goes on to tell outrageous lies about the content of Kerry's comments, but anyone who has followed his career is used to this sort of thing.

Taken as a whole, this story supports my evolving theory that the real job of the right-wing political pundits is to make increasingly outrageous claims with no basis in reality for the purpose of preventing discussion of real issues. In other words, criticism of the war in Iraq is to be met with swift, well-organized, and increasingly bizarre claims of persecution involving a war on Christmas. Now we are told quite clearly that nobody is allowed to speak out against the war this time of year. Can the thought police be far behind?

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