December 21, 2005

California State University Denies Charter to Christian Student Group

SoCal university denies charter to Christian group | News |

Still celebrating the news out of Dover? Yeah, me too. However, I want to continue this streak of good news as long as possible (since we are all supposed to be mind-numbingly happy this time of year). So here is another story you are sure to enjoy.

California State University, San Bernadino, decided not to permit the Christian Student Association to organize on campus because the group was planning to discriminate against members of the GLBT community and non-Christians. California state law prevents state universities from excluding members due to sexual orientation or religion, both requirements of membership for this group.

Naturally, the Christians are accusing the university of discriminating against them. Isn't this sort of like a rapist complaining that the legal system is discriminating against him by outlawing rape? The University is guilty of adhering to state law, and the state is guilty of honoring federal anti-discrimination law. Poor victimized Christians!