November 25, 2005

Reorganizing Book Recommendations

I've been reading quite a bit lately, and my list of recommended books has been growing. To make things a bit clearer, I have divided my previous "recommended books" section into two categories: (1) The Atheist's Bookshelf, and (2) Recommended Books on Politics.

The Atheist's Bookshelf will serve as a highly selective collection of what I consider to be truly essential works on atheism, skepticism, critiques on religion, and closely related topics. These books are recommended to the full spectrum of atheists, from those just beginning to explore atheism to seasoned veterans. They are a combination of books which have shaped my worldview and those to which I continue to find inspiration.

Since I devote about half of my reading time to material on politics, I include the Recommended Books on Politics section. This may not be a political blog in the strictest sense, but I would argue that living as an atheist in a predominately Christian country compels political awareness. I found the books in this section to be quite helpful in developing an awareness of the workings of American politics and important social issues that are peripheral to atheism.

As always, I am very selective about what I add to either recommended section. It isn't enough for me to like the book; I must be convinced that its impact on my thinking really justifies suggesting that others might benefit from reading it. For readers to trust my recommendations, I must take the act of recommending a book seriously. Thus, only the best of what I read will end up on these lists.

Finally, any money that is generated by readers clicking on these links and/or buying books from through Atheist Revolution will be used solely to buy additional books in these areas.