November 3, 2005

Developing the Meme of Atheism

Tracy from Be Reasonable responded to my call for increased discussion on solutions to the problem of faith. I'd like to echo the good point about religious belief not going away anytime soon. I completely agree that this will not happen in our lifetime. However, like Tracy, I do not see that as an excuse for inaction. I suppose all I really want is to be a voice of reason in the hopes that I can encourage critical thinking about faith.

Tracy's point that our atheist blogs help expose people to the concept of atheism and dispel some of the misconceptions about it (there are many) is a great one. Repeated exposure to a controversial idea (e.g., there is no god) does help the idea become more acceptable. Through our blogs, we help normalize the thoughts and feelings of other atheists and provide a resource for those still struggling to separate themselves from religion.

I'd like to add that our interactions between blogs and in forums provides a much needed sense of community. Atheism can involve a lonely existence, but I think our presence makes it somewhat less so.

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