September 9, 2005

Katrina Log, Part 2

(The following was written on 9/2)

Part 1 can be found here.

I flipped on CNN this morning feeling optimistic. Surely the images broadcast yesterday would have produced a national outcry, and I would see evidence of a major National Guard and FEMA presence in New Orleans and Mississippi. Or not. Conditions in New Orleans look like they are getting worse, and there still appears to be little trace of the aid the city was promised. I also note that the entire state of Mississippi is apparently no longer newsworthy. The Biloxi/Gulfport area is mentioned briefly between longer segments on New Orleans. If that is what it takes to finally spark some aid for New Orleans, so be it.

I see that President W arrived in Biloxi a few minutes ago. What’s the point? Maybe he needs to make sure that conditions are really as bad as he’s been seeing on TV. After all, the “liberal media” could be making up the whole thing. Still insufficient food, water, and medical aid for New Orleans. Still no electricity, water, and gas for much of Mississippi. How many more people are going to die because they are waiting for the aid that was promised even before Katrina hit?

I want so much to help the people in New Orleans and those in my town who still have no electricity or running water, but I feel completely helpless to do anything. I have little food remaining, no phone service, and have been told that gas rationing is very limited. I can no longer receive any local radio stations, so I have no idea what is happening nearby. If I venture out for food, I’ll end up using a lot of gas with no assurance of finding additional fuel. And so I wait.

On to part 3.

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