September 25, 2005

Christian Coalition Fading Fast

The State | 09/18/2005 | Christian Coalition fading fast

This article appeared in South Carolina's The State. For those of you who (like me) remember the Christian Coalition at its peak, this is good news.

Unfortunately, my joy at hearing of the coalition's demise is tempered by a number of factors. First, other equally destructive organizations have emerged to take the place of the coalition (e.g., Focus on the Family). Second, it makes sense that a grass roots organization would fade when leaders it elected essentially control all three branches of government. The coalition was always an opposition movement of sorts, so it is difficult to maintain momentum when one controls the halls of power. Third, I don't see any evidence that the American people are becoming less religious over that past 10 years. In fact, the "election" and then re-election of W suggest that the opposite may be happening.