August 5, 2005

Interesting Conversation

While at work today, I was part of an interesting conversation that I figured I should share. A new co-worker (who started today) was talking with me and another co-worker. He was talking about how glad he was to be starting this job and explaining how sometimes life just seemed to provide exactly what was needed at the right time. He said something like, "I was writing in my journal a few weeks ago, and I was asking the universe to provide me with an opportunity for change. The next day I got the call (about the job)." My co-worker explained how happy we were to have him joining us and how desperate we had been to find him. Then she said something about how one of our other co-workers (the one who had found the new hire) "must have a direct connection to god." As I reeled and tried not to throw up (I had no idea that this co-worker standing before me was like this), the new guy calmly explained that he prefers to address the universe as it is more consistent with his Native American heritage. Something tells me that I'll get along with this guy pretty well.