July 1, 2005

O'Connor Resigns From U.S. Supreme Court

Americans United: O'Connor Was Swing Vote On High Court, Replacement Must Respect Individual Freedom, Says Americans United

Americans United for the Separation of Church and State is encouraging all members of the reality-based community to contact their elected officials and suggest a bipartisan nomination and confirmation process for O'Connor's replacement. Using a template the designed to make it easy for us to e-mail W and our Senators (which I just did), I sent the following letter to the Editor of my local newspaper:

With Justice O'Connor's resignation from the U.S. Supreme Court, our politicians have a historic opportunity to mend AmericaƂ’s growing cultural divide. There is no more important decision for protecting the rights, freedoms, and legal protections of every American than choosing a Supreme Court justice.

I write to share my belief in the importance of openness and bi-partisan consultation throughout the nomination and confirmation processes. The Senate has a duty to conduct a thorough, independent review of each nominee, and not just be a political rubber stamp for the administration's selection. The founding fathers had it right: they designed a system of checks and balances that gives the President and Senators an equal responsibility for determining whether a Supreme Court nominee is qualified and able to serve our countryƂ’s best interests.

Please join me in asking our elected representatives to choose consensus over confrontation. There are a number of qualified conservative judges who could win broad, bipartisan support. There is no good reason to further divide the nation by nominating an individual whose legal views are out of step with the majority of Americans.

Nanovirus has some good ideas of what we can do to prevent W from destroying the court. To contact your elected officials, visit People for the American Way.