July 8, 2005

Hurricane Coming

Things may be a bit quiet here for awhile, as we are bracing for Hurricane Dennis to hit the gulf coast. Hopefully, it will turn out to be no big deal. The town is on the verge of mass hysteria, making it a bit difficult to remain calm.

While stocking up on supplies, I noticed that there were many other people doing the same. I thought this was strange. Assuming that most of them are Christians (which is an extremely safe assumption around here), why would they have any concerns about weather? I'm the one who should be preparing to face the wrath of god, right? I suppose the ones who have the misfortune of living near an atheist should be worried.

If my house gets destroyed, the neighbors will gather around and say, "I guess he finally got what he deserved. God was punishing a nonbeliever." But what will they say if a Christian's house were to be damaged? "I guess they weren't right with the Lord afterall." And of course, the Christian whose house was damaged would be quick to say that this was "just a test of my faith" or that the disaster was "part of god's plan."