July 2, 2005

FFRF Statement: Scalia Goes After Atheists

Freedom From Religion Foundation, Inc.

Here is an interesting analysis of the Ten Commandments rulings by the Freedom From Religion Foundation. Of particular concern is Scalia's dissenting opinion in the Kentucky case where he wrote, "the Establishment Clause permits this disregard of polytheists . . . just as it permits the disregard of devout atheists." Before we dismiss this as just another example of clearly inappropriate behavior by Scalia (soon to become the next Chief Justice), note that Rehnquist wrote, "Our institutions presuppose a Supreme Being."

Stop and think about the implications of this statement. "Our institutions presuppose a Supreme Being." Well, I guess...(gulp)...America really is a Christian nation. I honestly see no other way to interpret this statement.

Clearly, the good news was the reality-based opinions of O'Connor, Stevens, and Souter. In arguing against the Christian nation claims (or at least the idea that atheists should have no protection under the law), they restore a shred of hope.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation urges all members of the reality-based community to e-mail our local media outlets about how Scalia is not fit to be Chief Justice. I plan to do my part.

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