June 21, 2005

"Thankful I'm a Christian"

Driving home from work tonight, I found myself behind a Jeep with a sticker on the spare tire cover that said "Thankful I'm a Christian." The stoplight was long, and I found myself pondering the meaning of this statement. What was the driver's thought process in making the decision to purchase and affix such a sticker to his car? What purpose did in serve? What psychological needs were being satisfied through such a display?

My first thought involved some sort of arrogance and the desire to flaunt his religiosity. Maybe it was his way of claiming moral superiority over others. But this seems too harsh in all but the most extreme cases. Then I considered that the driver might be lonely and that this was a way of reaching out to other Christians. Sad, but possible. Was it possible that he thought this was a way to honor his imaginary god? As primitive as this seemed, it struck me as another possibility.

The more I think about it, the more I want answers. Why would someone feel the need to broadcast his Christianity (or any other personal part of his life) to other drivers in this manner? Assuming I had followed him (I admit the thought crossed my mind) and asked him about his reasoning, what would he have said? Would he have even had an answer?