June 4, 2005

Speaker of House Defends Prayers

Speaker of House defends prayers

Do these politicians truly believe that praising Jesus is an important part of their jobs as government officials, or is this a clever political strategy? If they really do believe this, then they are clearly unfit to hold political office. However, I have a hard time thinking that this isn't a clever political strategy. By making all these crazy pro-religious public statements, they incur the wrath of the left. This then lets them claim that the left is attacking not just their own craziness but religion in general. The moderate voter might not like their insane religious pronouncements, but he/she may be more upset by the opponent who is "hostile to religion." I have to admit it - if this whole thing is a political strategy, these people are a lot smarter than they look.

Clearly, religion is a tool for the rich and powerful to manipulate the masses. A tool that works extremely well.