June 24, 2005

Calm Before the Storm

I've been posting less often lately. In part, this is because I've been unusually busy at work and have had little free time. But there is an even more important reason - one that is a bit more difficult to explain.

Lately, when I open up my post window in Blogger and prepare to start writing, I feel intense anger. Anger at the political dominance of Christian extremism. Anger at the willingness of so many Americans to throw away science and reason in favor of superstition and ignorance. Anger at myself for feeling so powerless to do anything about it. I know I started this blog to speak against Christian extremism, but it has become increasingly clear that religious faith itself is the problem, and extremism is merely a symptom.

Sometimes my attempts to be one of the many voices of reason on the net just seem so futile. People are eagerly wallowing in their own stupidity, embracing irrationality over wisdom. Sometimes I just have to step back and try to get my head around what is going on. Anger without action can be toxic, but the appropriate course of action is unclear. I want to feel energized around a goal rather than spent over banging my head against a wall without cracking it.

I hope I will be able to emerge from this haze soon and with a renewed focus.