June 11, 2005

Bibles Remain in Hospitals

BBC NEWS | England | Leicestershire | Bibles to stay on hospital wards

Wait a second! Gideons International criticized the hospital in this case for "political correctness gone mad." Does anybody else see the insanity of this? It is political correctness that prevents people from criticizing their blind acceptance of this violent book and their determinination to expose others to their mindless superstitions! It is political correctness that is leading this hospital to keep these damn bibles.

Of course, their real argument is that political correctness is what leads people to wonder whether promoting Christianity is fair to non-believers and persons of other religions. But why does this have to involve political corectness? Isn't it just common sense?

Instead of removing all traces of religious material, the solution is to add even more of it. If the Christianity isn't your preferred mythology, rest assured that you can now find another irrational source of intolerance. Isn't this supposed to be a hospital? I don't know about you, but if I'm in a hospital, their selection of fairy tales probably isn't what I'm thinking about.

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