May 13, 2005

Op-ed: Christian Militancy Corrodes American Ideal

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I have not read the Left Behind series because I generally avoid reading crap (although I did make an exception for the Bible). Local bookstores have been filled with displays for this series since it first appeared, and it appears that sales have been strong nationwide.

In this excellent op-ed, Mary Ellen Schoonmaker draws parallels between this series' depiction of Christians as being at war with nonbelievers and American politics. With all the attacks on "activist" judges and the science curriculum by Christian extremists, such comparisons seem appropriate.

I find the position that diversity and multiculturalism are merely attacks on Christianity fascinating in its pure stupidity. These Christians really do feel persecuted, don't they? Statements such as this one from the head of the National Religious Broadcasters group help remind us all of Christianity's long tradition of intolerance and hatred.

Does the average American view these "Dominionists" as true Christians or simply as nutjobs? Regardless, these people are dangerous opponents of the many freedoms which have defined America. We must preserve our freedom from religion if religious freedom is to have any meaning. I admire Ms. Schoonmaker for having the guts to take on such an important issue.

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