April 22, 2005

New Pope Already in Trouble

Days after being announced as the new Pope, it sounds like Ratzinger is already in trouble. News has surfaced that he was briefly a member of the Hitler Youth during WWII. Of course, he claims to have been opposed to the Nazi party. I'm sure that was why he joined the Hitler Youth.

In case you think that his WWII activities are merely ancient history and should not be relevant today, Ron at God is For Suckers points out that Ratzinger has been in charge of the Holy Office of the Inquisition since the 1980s (read more here). This should tell you something about the values of this Pope.

Still not concerned? Okay, try this on for size - Ratzinger has been accused of intentionally blocking investigations into reports of sexual abuse in the Church. A story in the Boston Herald quotes Stephen Pope, the chairman of theology at Boston College, as saying, "He tends to regard the abuse crisis as a result of the decadence of American society seeping into the seminaries and into the clergy, with the understanding that the American press exaggerates it because it's interested in sensationalism and titillation." Given that reports of molestation by priests do not appear to be going away any time soon, this is a problem.

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