April 16, 2005

Christian Propaganda Seeks to Claim International Converts

Turning America into a theocracy isn't enough for Christian extremists; they aim to convert the world. Never mind that Christians often criticize Muslims for attempting to do the same thing.

Christian propaganda film, The Days of Noah, is making its way to Hong Kong, with the hope of winning new converts. Must we pollute the world with this superstitious nonsense? Is the world really going to be a better place if we manage to eliminate diverse viewpoints and unite under one mass delusion?

Evidently, it is working. All over the world, superstitious people came together to mourn the loss of the Pope, one of the best known symbols of superstition. Even Cuba got into the act. I guess that contributing to the spread of AIDS through opposing contraception is praiseworthy. At least he managed to rid the priesthood of pedophiles...oh wait...he completely ignored that issue.

Turning to Australia, we find that Christian groups are protesting the country's Religious Tolerance Act. What? Isn't this counterintuitive? Ah, but look at why they are protesting. "...the law, which was promulgated by the Victorian government despite concerns raised by Christian groups that it could stifle evangelism or end the right to question the validity of other faiths." Christians oppose religious tolerance legislation because it might restrict their right to attack other religions! Is that revealing or what? I guess religion just isn't worth much unless it permits members to criticize persons with different belief systems.

Russia now appears to be a shining example what Christian extremists seek to establish in America - their state church openly criticizes other religions and has banned atheism and agnosticism. It should be fairly obvious that there are many in America who would love to be able to make atheism and agnosticism punishable offenses. Let the stake burnings commence!