April 17, 2005

Are Atheist Websites and Blogs Dangerous?

Evidently, the folks at SonicWALL Content Filtering System think so. Ron at God is for Suckers! (GifS) discovered that his blog is being blocked by this filtering software. GifS is an excellent blog that certainly doesn't seem to warrant filtering. No porn, nobody is advocating violence, etc. It sounds like filtering is due to his site being classified under the "Cult/Occult" category that SonicWALL uses.

I guess anything that questions the veracity of mainstream religion must be evil. If you aren't an evangelical Christian, you are the spawn of Satan (i.e., occult). Young minds must be protected from having to confront difficult questions about their worldview. The continued existence of religion must be protected at all costs, even when one of the obvious costs involves discarding the truth.