March 21, 2005

Violent video games and Illinois' loopy legislators

Violent video games and Illinois' loopy legislators: "Score a point for truth in government. The legislature was acting on a proposal from Gov. Rod Blagojevich, who is alarmed that some games feature violence, criminality, profanity and nudity."

I post this to raise the question of why people are objecting to some of the games described here. Violent video games are problematic, as they have been linked to increased aggression among high-risk children and teens. Given this scientific evidence, restricting their sale to minors seems justifiable. Of course, this is not a suitable reason to ban their sale to adults. But what about the games described here that are the focus of attention simply because of their depictions of female nudity. Where is the evidence that such depictions are harmful to teens?

As we probe the question of why, the answer becomes obvious: these non-violent games are coming under fire because conservative Christians oppose them. Why do they oppose them? They regard them as sinful. Human nudity is sinful.