March 26, 2005

Man Sells Device That Blocks Fox News

English: FOX News Channel newsroom
FOX News Channel newsroom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Someone has actually developed a device to block Fox News. I love it! According to the developer, Sam Kimery, the channel is not news at all. I couldn't agree more. Fox is nothing more than a conservative PR machine, spewing opinion instead of facts. The claim that it is "fair and balanced" or unbiased in any way is simply absurd (see Fair and Balanced, My Ass!: An Unbridled Look at the Bizarre Reality of Fox News).

But do we really need a device to block the channel? Isn't it fairly easy to know...not watch it? It seems like the only point of a filter would be to stop others from watching it, and I cannot support that. I may not care for Fox, but that doesn't mean I want to stop others from watching it.

Unfortunately, Kimery has received death threats for his trouble.
"Apparently the making of terroristic threats against those who don't share your views is a high art form among a certain core audience," said Kimery, 45.
Indeed. I find it quite amusing that Fox responded by touting their ratings. Are they really arguing that the fact that people watch them means that they are unbiased? That sounds like the sort of claim Christians make to defend the reality of their particular delusion (see The God Delusion). Just because something is popular does not mean that it is true, unbiased, or worthwhile.