March 20, 2005

Bush, Congress Set to Act in Right-To-Die Case

Bush, Congress Set to Act in Right-To-Die Case: "WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Bush cut short a vacation to return to Washington and be ready to sign a bill that may keep a brain-damaged woman alive, in a case pitting Christian conservatives against right-to-die activists."

hurray for the Christian conservatives! It looks like they may manage to keep a brain-damaged woman alive against her will and the will of her family. What a great political victory!

Can you imagine being this woman's husband for a moment? In addition to dealing with his own grief, he's just trying to honor her wishes. The courts have ruled in his favor, and it looks like he may finally be able to help his wife die with dignity..."But intense lobbying by Christian conservatives and widespread publicity have made the issue a political test case."

Republicans, now the party of big and highly intrusive government, are referring to this as "a great political issue." This should sicken each and every one of us to the core. Any of us could someday find ourselves in a similar situation. That anyone would turn this into an opportunity for political gain is disgusting.