May 3, 2013

Jeff Hanneman Will Be Missed

Jeff Hanneman of Slayer
Jeff Hanneman of Slayer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Jeff Hanneman, guitarist and one of the founding members of Slayer, died yesterday of liver failure following a spider bite. He was only 49. His death is a major loss to metal fans everywhere, including this one. Hanneman was more than a great guitar player; he was responsible for writing some Slayer's best songs.

I'm not usually one to go on about the loss of public figures I have never met personally, but this one is different. I vividly remember exactly where I was and who I was with the first time I heard Slayer's classic Reign in Blood album in 1986. I had never heard anything like it, and I bought one for myself the next day. I have loved thrash metal ever since. I have every album Slayer has released, and I still listen to them all regularly. I have seen Slayer in concert a few times and never been disappointed. I suppose it will sound silly to some for me to say that Slayer's music had a significant impact on my life, but that is exactly what I am saying.

My thoughts are with Jeff's family, friends, bandmates, and the legions of other Slayer fans around the world. He will be missed.

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