May 5, 2012

Making Atheist Material More Accessible

Library booksWhen I was a kid, there was no Internet. Getting to a bookstore wasn't always easy, and even when I could do so, I rarely had money. What I did have was a public library, and I relied on it quite heavily for reading material. Unfortunately, they didn't have much of anything on atheism.

This is why Austin Cline's post about the importance of getting atheist books in our local public libraries struck me as a good idea. I realize that kids today have a much easier time finding information on atheism than I did. But still, there must be some for whom finding atheist books in the public library would be valuable.

I need to see what my local library has, but I am guessing that they don't have much. If I'm right, I think I'll donate a few of my atheist books. Now that I've been reading primarily on a Kindle, I have far fewer books than I would have otherwise. But since I am trying to reduce clutter, getting rid of some of my collection seems like a good idea.

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