August 22, 2011

Christians Mailing Bible Verses to Grieving Strangers

Jesus Loves YouI received an email from a reader with a sad but fascinating tale about the lengths to which some Christians will go to spread their "good news." I am sharing it with his permission because I am very interested in learning whether you have encountered anything like this.

Shortly after the recent death of his father, this reader received a letter in the mail from a complete stranger. The letter contained a newspaper clipping of his father's obituary and several verses from a Christian bible. Evidently, the sender thought that the bible verses would be comforting.

I have never heard of someone doing something like this and neither had the reader. This stranger had to have seen the obituary, collected bible verses, written a letter, and looked up the address of the reader. I have to agree with the reader for feeling a bit creeped out by this whole thing. That is exactly how I would feel in his place.

Have you ever heard of Christians doing this sort of thing - sending bible verses to complete strangers who have just lost a loved one? I know some go to absurd lengths to spread their mind virus, but contacting grieving strangers seems over the line to me.

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