May 21, 2011

The Rapture Holds Important Lesson for Christians

Happy Rapture Day 2011! Depending on what time zone you live in, you may have already been left behind. It is my understanding that the rapture is supposed to strike each time zone at 6:00 p.m., so I still have some time to repent.

Amidst all the noise today, I believe that there is one point that should be made over-and-over in every discussion with Christians and on every atheist blog:
Believing that the rapture will occur at some point in the future is no less crazy than thinking it will happen today.
RaptureI know I've said this already. I'll probably say it again too. After all, days like today should be teachable moments. We can do more than simply mock believers; we can remind them that there is an important lesson here.

All the drivel many Christians believe about Jesus returning someday to magically whisk them away is truly no different from the person standing on the street corner (possibly without pants), waving a bible, and proclaiming that the end is near. I know many Christians desperately want to see a difference between what they believe and these doomsday prophets, but there isn't one.

The sad reality is that beliefs like this have unfortunate real-world consequences. If we're going to mock these beliefs, let us at least try to offer a lesson too.

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