May 19, 2011

Christians Reluctant to Take Personal Responsibility

Personal responsibilityIt is unfortunate that "personal responsibility" has become Republican code for doing away with safety net programs and imposing unreasonably harsh prison sentences of minority drug offenders. Personal responsibility should be a good thing - something to which we all aspire.

With rights come responsibility. I realize few want to acknowledge this and even fewer want to talk about it; however, I think it is an important point for us to remember.

Staks at Dangerous Talk made a great point recently about the refusal of many Christians to accept personal responsibility for much of anything.
If something good happens due to their hard work, “Thank God.” If something bad happens because of some poor choices, “God has a plan.”
It really makes one wonder how those on the political right always preaching about the virtues of personal responsibility can stomach Christianity. One would think that atheism would be a far better option for anyone interested in responsibility.

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